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Condensation dampness is the single biggest cause of dampness in the UK and is responsible for many significant dampness problems in residential buildings. London Damp & Mould Control offer a wide range of solutions for problems of mould and condensation.

Many properties, especially tenanted flats can suffer from condensation, resulting in black toxic mould growth developing on furnishings, clothing and the walls / ceilings within the property.

Mild cases of condensation can be alleviated by the occupants managing the moisture production, ventilation and heating. Simply covering pans when cooking, opening windows and avoiding drying clothes indoors can be helpful.

In many cases however, modern living styles result in an accumulation of moisture vapour within the property, which combined with poor heating and ventilation arrangements, provide the ideal conditions for mould to develop.

In order to provide a reliable, effective solution to such problems, especially in cases where the owner does not occupy the residence, the most effective methods of preventing condensation are to improve the air quality, by removing the damp laden air and ensuring a supply of fresh, filtered air in to the property.

London Damp & Mould Control have a range of condensation control systems, from simple extractor ventilators, single room solutions, incorporating heat recovery ventilators, to full positive pressure ventilation systems, which displace and dilute moisture laden air and ensure air circulation within the property.

Our Surveyors will inspect the property to identify the cause of the problems and provide a report detailing the extent of the problem, along with our recommended solution and a quotation for any proposed works.

London Damp & Mould Control Condensation systems are installed by our own highly trained operatives, with minimum disruption to the occupants. The installation is usually completed within one day and involves installing the appropriate condensation control unit, in conjunction with passive ventilators where specified.

Preventing damage to the external fabric of the building is a key consideration to freeholders and therefore London Damp & Mould Control utilise low impact, specialist diamond cutting equipment, designed to prevent damage to external renders and brickwork. Additionally, the vents are installed using high level dust extraction, allowing the property to remain occupied during installation and preventing dust nuisance to tenants or occupants during the installation. Once the equipment is installed, the electrical connection is made and an electrical certificate issued along with our certificate of guarantee. Our condensation systems utilise low energy technology to ensure minimal operating costs.

An improvement in air quality will be apparent immediately following the installation and after around 14 days the mould will dry to powder form which is normally removed by washing. Our installations are a cost effective method of preventing condensation and 0% interest free credit is available.

Condensation dampness is an increasingly serious problem in dwelling houses and offices. It affects over 50% of buildings in the UK. Accompanying condensation dampness there is an increase in the presence of mould growth and many of the household pollutants. Positive Input Ventilation units along with our Passive Ventilation Units are a cost effective and guaranteed way to control condensation and black spot mould problems.

Positive Input Ventilation units (Drimaster-for houses and Flatmaster for flats)

If you think that your property is affected by condensation or toxic black mould please call us today to arrange a free, no obligation damp survey and report on 020 7458 4195 or 020 8212 7962. Alternatively email and tell us of any symptoms of condensation or mould and we will reply with 24 hours!

Condensation Treatment Systems

  • Drimaster - Condensation Treatment system for houses
  • Flatmaster - Condensation Treatment system for flats
  • Drimaster - Condensation Treatment system for houses

    Condensation Treatment Ealing, Notting Hill, Queens Park, Clapham, Harlesden

    The DRIMASTER provides whole home ventilation using the Positive Input Ventilation principle. This form of ventilation is becoming increasingly recognised as the "best value" approach to ventilating a home. Essentially, the concept is to introduce air to the home at a continuous low rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside. A single unit situated in the loft space will normally be sufficient to continuously dilute, displace and replace the old contaminated air in the home with drier, tempered (by utilising otherwise unused heat in the loft space) and filtered air. The result is a significant contribution towards providing a healthy, condensation dampness free, energy efficient home. With only one electrical connection and no trickle vents normally required, the installation costs for this type of damp proofing system are generally less than for a conventional set of extract fans with trickle vents – and the entire home benefits from the ventilation provided.

    Good quality loft mounted units normally incorporate a heat recovery function to introduce more heat into the home when the loft is warm during the winter months. Heat recovery functions are normally either "Fixed Temperature Heat Recovery" which adjust the flow rate of the unit to suit the loft temperature; or "Intelligent Heat Recovery" which adjusts the flow rate to suit the loft temperature and the way the home is heated. The latter type is particularly good in terms of energy efficiency. These systems are highly effective but do require proper application and installation for optimum performance. Units incorporating low watt motor technology (Low Energy Positive Input Ventilation Units) can provide a significant net energy gain to the home. These units are therefore very energy efficient, even when compared to natural ventilation systems such as Passive Stack Ventilation.

    All DRIMASTER low energy input ventilation units are supplied and fitted with a 60 day, no quibble, money back guarantee and also comes with a 5 years parts & labour warranty. An average sized 3/4 bedroom property, without extension, can be fully installed, including all electrical connections for a flat fee of £1,250.00.

    The benefits of installing a Drimaster PIV unit are great and some of the advantage are listed below:-

    • First, it means that a significant proportion of external pollutants are prevented from entering the home.
    • Secondly, the use of the otherwise unused heat in the roof results in the ventilation unit providing a significant net energy gain to the home.
    • Thirdly, there is no better way to ventilate a home than from the inside out via a single, centrally located, supply air diffuser.

    The installation of a low energy positive input ventilation unit will ensure the air in your home is completely replaced with better quality air around 20 times a day. This is the recommended rate to maintain good air quality. The old air exits through the thousands of air leakage points found in all homes. Indeed, positive input ventilation will even help to suppress unwanted infiltration (draughts).

    The end result of installing a DRIMASTER PIV unit is improved indoor air quality and an environment in which condensation dampness cannot exist.

    To arrange free no obligation feasibility survey then please call 020 7458 4195 or e-mail

    Drimaster Heat PIV units can be supplied for Builders/DIY fitting and cost £450.00 including delivery

    Flatmaster - Condensation Treatment system for flats

    Condensation Treatment Ealing, Notting Hill, Queens Park, Clapham, Harlesden

    The Flatmaster operates in a similar way to the Drimaster but is designed for homes without lofts.

    Input air is directed across the ceiling (usually in your hallway). This uses a scientific principle called the Coanda effect, which has the impact of mixing with the wasted warmer air that has risen above head height in your home. It therefore increases the efficiency of your heating system. We can also supply and fix heat exchange units if preferred.

    The unit will cure and/or prevent the problems associated with condensation dampness in your home, providing a healthier living environment for all occupants. The unit will prevent mould growth on walls, ceilings, furniture, clothes and curtains. The unit also eradicates the musty smells evident in homes with severe condensation problems. (When using your air conditioning in the summer, fresh air will circulate the house and help to prevent dry throats and congestion).

    The price for this unit supplied and fitted is £1,250.00 which includes all making good and localised re-decorating.

    Condensation and musty smells can be totally eliminated by the installation of one of our PIV Positive Input Ventilation systems installed by one of our highly qualified and trained installers.

    Our low energy PIV condensation control systems will get rid of any moisture that can cause dampness and mould but also remove airborne pollutants and provide an cleaner, healthier indoor environment.

    To arrange free no obligation feasibility survey then please call 020 7458 4195 or email

    Passive Ventilation Units

    In some instances where cost is a concern and only individual rooms require to be treated we can recommend the ‘Passyfier Vent’ which has no running costs, has minimal heat loss and is scientifically proven to reduce condensation dampness.

    The Passyfier combines a through-the-wall ‘warm’ telescopic sleeve with a slab of mineral wool inside, which is impervious to the exodus of moisture vapour whilst an internal louvered vent and an external cover simultaneously preventing cold draughts.

    A typical house may need for or five Passyfier units and they operate by taking advantage of the differential partial moisture vapour pressure that is normally higher inside an occupied building than on the outside. This pressure is completely independent of that in the air, for example, a typically cold misty British winter’s day may have an outside temperature of 5 °C and humidity at 100% while the inside temperature is usually around 20 °C. Keeping the inside relative humidity to 70% generates a difference between inside and outside moisture vapour pressure of 8 millibars which is ample to alleviate condensation. All this is achieved with little or no heat loss and the Passyfier will significantly reduce condensation dampness, steamy windows and unsightly, unhealthy mould growth.

    Building Regulations require background ventilation for habitable rooms require a vent opening with a total area of not less than 8,000mm2 and that these openings should be controllable, secure and located so to as avoid draughts. Passyfier vents surpass all of these requirements and are the ideal way of controlling high humidity levels, condensation dampness of unsightly mould growth.

    The Passyfier operates continuously without noise 24 hours per day and can extract up to 2.3 litres (roughly one and a quarter gallons- which is ten pints) of water per day even at low pressures.

    The diffusion rate of a Passyfier vents are slower compared with mechanical extract fans and they are not designed to cope with high amounts of water vapour produced in a short time ( i.e. in kitchens and bathrooms) and we recommend that if your kitchen or bathroom is suffering from condensation dampness that extract fans are fitted.

    Condensation Treatment Ealing, Notting Hill, Queens Park, Clapham, Harlesden

    If the Relative Humidity of a room is around 70%, above which condensation dampness will occur at 20 °C, each kg of air would hold 0.0104kg of water. Local Authorities recommend a maximum velocity of 0.9m/sec through vents, this is to avoid complaints about perceived draughts from occupants, and this would remove 0.023m3 of water vapour per day. The average speed of air flow through a Passyfier vent is around a tenth of the maximum speed allowable but it is still able to remove 2.3 litres of water vapour per day and this greatly reduces the possibility of condensation and unsightly mould growth from occurring.

    For more information on the supply and installation of Passyfier vents please call 020 7458 4195 or e-mail

    Passive dehumidifiers can be supplied for builders/diy enthusiasts to fit and cost £75.00 each including delivery. Supply and install one unit average cost £650.00

    London Damp Home Core Vent

    Condensation Treatment Ealing, Notting Hill, Queens Park, Clapham, Harlesden

    The London Damp Home Dry Vent is a circular core passive ventilation unit which is easier to fit for builder and is designed to allow water vapour to escape from a building in a controlled way removing 1.2 litres per day. The patent pending triple action filter promotes the escape of damp air with minimal heat loss. Cold draughts are restricted by a specially designed thermal core within the filter. The London Damp Home Dry Vent cavity liner is constructed from High Impact Polystyrene (HIP) to reduce cold bridging and provide increased strength and resistance to distortion.

    The London Damp core ventilator removes 1.2 litres of water per day and helps eliminate condensation dampness and mould growth.

    Passive core dehumidifiers can be supplied for builders/diy enthusiasts to fit and cost £75.00 each including delivery. Supply and install one unit average cost £450.00.

    Condensation Damp & Mould Control


    If you think that your property is affected by condensation or toxic black mould please call us today to arrange a free, no obligation damp survey and report on 020 7458 4195 or 020 8212 7962. Alternatively email and tell us of any symptoms of condensation or mould and we will reply with 24 hours!

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