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Rising Dampness is often noted in walls due to the lack of an effective, modern damp proof course, failure of the original damp proof course or the lack of damp proof course due to the age of construction.

Rising damp can often be identified visually by damp patches of plaster, salts on the surface of the plaster and decay in skirting boards but we can confirm the presence of rising damp with the use of moisture meters and also taking plaster samples from the wall.

Typically, treatment involves removal of the skirting boards and wall plaster before the treatment.

The plaster is removed to approximately one metre or higher, depending on the salts within the masonry and several other factors.

The height of the necessary re-plastering will be individually specified on your quotation, once our surveyor has carried out an inspection of your property. Most companies insist on carrying out waterproof plastering as part of their damp proofing services in order to issue guarantees which add substantially to the cost of work but London Damp & Mould Control allow these re-plastering works to be undertaken by your own contractor and providing our easy to follow specifications are adhered to the we will issue a full guarantee covering both the injected damp proof course and the waterproof plastering.

If you think that your property is affected by rising damp please call us today to arrange a free, no obligation damp survey and report on 020 7458 4195 or 020 8212 7962. Alternatively email and tell us of any symptoms of rising damp and we will reply with 24 hours!

Damp Proofing Walls

The damp proof course is installed into the walls by pattern drilling the masonry at the base of the wall and injecting a specially formulated solution of Siliconate Injection Fluid, until the entire depth is fully impregnated.

London Damp & Mould Control's chemical injection process, is low odour and cures within the masonry wall to form an impervious barrier to rising dampness, which prevents moisture rising from the ground into the treated areas. Adjacent abutting walls are isolated using a vertical damp proof course.

Used in conjunction with our specialist waterproof rendering system, the London Damp & Mould Control Damp Proof Course System provides a reliable, highly effective and cost effective method for the treatment of rising dampness. Specialist re-plastering of the walls following the damp proof course installation is not always required but if needed can be undertaken by London Damp & Mould Control time served plasterers or your own builder.

The injected damp proof course will prevent moisture continuing to rise into the walls but the effects of ground salts held within the wall may continue to attract moisture and inhibit the effective drying of walls and if the walls appear to remain damp after a suitable drying period then removal of damp plaster and replacement using a salt retardant render or renovating plaster may be required.

All damp proofing works are carried out in accordance with BS6576 and the Property Care Association ( PCA ) Code of Practice for the installation of Remedial Damp-proof Course in Masonry Walls.

Alternatives to an injected damp proof course

We also offer two alternatives to an injected damp proof course.

  • Freezteq frozen damp course.

 Freezteq frozen damp proofing is the most effective form of retro-fitting a chemical damp proof course available today and its slow diffusion process ensures that a waterproof barrier is formed across the whole section of a treated wall. Frozen ice-sticks of Freezteq damp proofing fluid are inserted into pre-drilled 22mm diameter holes. The ice-sticks then melt gradually and the siliconate damp proofing fluid transfuses into the capillaries of the masonry, lining the pores of the brickwork or stone with a hydrophobic layer which reverts capillary action and therefore prevents further rising dampness.After the initial ice-sticks have melted further frozen ice-sticks are inserted a further three to four times to ensure that a continuous damp proof barrier is formed. The silicone material does not block the capillaries and therefore allow the masonry to breathe and the structure of the wall remains unchanged. The water repellent used in the transfusion process is non-toxic and completely inert once cured and has no deleterious effect on the masonry into which it has been introduced.

  • Dryrod damp proof rods-High performance barrier against damp

Dryrod damp proofing rods carry a powerful water repellent material and are inserted into 12mm holes in the mortar lines of a building.Once they are inserted, the rods diffuse into the brickwork spreading the water repellent deep into the brickwork which then cures forming a powerful barrier to further damp ingress.

More information about these two systems can be found on the ‘Various forms of damp proofing’ page but basically both the Freezteq and the Dryrod systems are so much more effective than traditional systems they minimise the need for re-plastering and substantial cost savings are made by our clients.

Where high ground levels exist, London Damp & Mould Control structural waterproofing/tanking system may also be required in conjunction with the chemical damp proofing.

London Damp & Mould Control are one of the leading damp proofing companies in London and we offer a range of comprehensive services to home owners and property professionals or can work with your builder to undertake the specialist damp proofing as part of their programme of works. Treatment is undertaken by our own skilled specialists and we do not use sub contractors.

Our residential damp proofing treatments are carried out to homes affected by dampness all across London and the Home Counties, with all works being carried out by our own, fully trained, skilled operatives.

Cost of Damp Proofing Treatments

Average cost of installing a new damp proof course by London Damp & Mould Control

Install damp-proof course only :
£70 per linear metre
Damp-proofing and waterproof plastering :
£250 per linear metre

We are London Damp Specialists. For a free survey and estimate for any damp proofing works please call 020 7458 4195.

Our Reviews

"Thanks for the very prompt service in providing the estimate for the works and then arranging the damp proofing and plastering to be done so quickly. Your men did a great job and left the place spotless"
- J.A. Southfields Road, Chiswick , London W4 1AG January 2017

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